We present a general description of our present facilities, which are offered to individuals or groups for specific events. We also provide our fee schedule to assist you in your preparations. During this time of growth, please understand that much is subject to change as God leads us on this apostolic journey. At present, accommodations are available in existing housing and conference / dining facilities. Please bear with us as much is still in the planning stage and construction must continue. It is our prayer of hope that all permanent facilities (for retreats, camps and other religious events) as well as the residential area will be completed in the very near future. Your contribution and cooperation now toward this finality is greatly appreciated. Thank you for helping make this inspired vision a reality with your prayers and support. Please pray much that God's Plan and Most Holy Will may be fulfilled in us and on these His grounds. God bless you and all you do for His Greater Glory.

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COMMON FACILITIES (We list and describe only those utilized for the common usage of activities)
These buildings are equipped with central heat/air conditioning, except where specified.

The Church (main chapel)
  • Holy Mass is celebrated here
  • Large, beautiful sanctuary - ample room for concelebration
  • Two confessionals
  • Complete sound system - organ, piano, microphones, etc.
  • Seating capacity approximately 350

  • The Cenacle (gathering place - lower level of the church) -
  • Private apartment — overnight stay for priests or other adults upon request (sitting room, 2 single bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen)
  • Fully-equipped sacristy (sacred vessels, priest vestments, all basic needs to celebrate Holy Mass and Adoration)
  • Large central meeting / dining area (our meals served here)* - tables and seats for approximately 75)
  • Conference room — seating for approx. 25 — (TV, VCR/DVD, audio/CD/cassette/player-recorder — (usage restricted to this area)
  • Serving room and kitchen (for our meal service)
  • Public restrooms
  • Central telephone for all necessary outgoing calls only (calling card necessary for long distance)
  • Direct access from outdoors

  • Our Lady of the Most Blessed Sacrament Chapel (for future Eucharistic Adoration)
    (we await in prayerful hope the privilege of Reservation of the Most Blessed Sacrament in all chapels on the property)
  • A peaceful, holy atmosphere for quiet prayer - nestled in the natural beauty and simplicity of the woods
  • Ceiling fans / heating system
  • Seating capacity approximately 14

  • Playground/Pavilion -
  • Covered pavilion with bathroom and large BBQ area
  • Ceiling fans and lights
  • Seating capacity of 100 on picnic tables
  • Spacious playground around pavilion
    (equipped with central heat/air conditioning)

    Youth Houses (Available to adults upon request)
    Mostly bunk beds - each with pillow. No bed or bath linens provided
    (need to bring towels, pillowcase, and sleeping bag or sheets/blanket)

    Saint Francis House
  • 2 levels (main and lower) with small loft over living room
  • Large, open living and dining area with fully-equipped kitchen (main level)
  • Large family room (lower level)
  • Sleeping capacity is 25 (6 bedrooms)
  • 4 full bathrooms, 1 half-bathroom

  • Saint Theresa House
  • 3 levels (main, upper, and lower)
  • Large, open living and dining area with fully-equipped kitchen (main level)
  • 2 large family rooms (main and lower levels)
  • Loft (upper level) - sitting area
  • Sleeping capacity is 34 (9 bedrooms)
  • 4 full bathrooms, 2 half-bathrooms

  • Adult Houses - All single beds
    Bed and bath linens provided

    Saint Michael and Saint Faustina Houses (same layout)
  • 2 levels (main and lower)
  • Sleeping capacity is 14 (8 bedrooms)
  • Large, open living and dining areas with fully-equipped kitchen
  • Large family room (lower level)
  • 3 full bathrooms
    Cenacle private apartment (for priests or other adults upon request)
    Bed and bath linens provided

  • Sitting room
  • 2 single bedrooms
  • 1 full bathroom
  • Fully-equipped kitchen

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